Our p
roduce and fish is available for purchase at our store in Franklin, located directly behind Steak 'n' shake on 31. The address to our store is 2048 North Morton street, U.S 31.

Harvest Day ! ~~ Stop in on Saturdays from 11-2 when the produce is harvested that morning.

During the summer or winter you can purchase our produce at farmers markets that we will be participating in:

Winter market in Greenfield

About our company:   

Sustainable farming –We utilize natural methods of recycling organics, using beneficial bacterial cycles to break the waste into nutrients, providing a constant flow of nutrients for our produce. We grow year-round in a recirculating system preventing little to zero waste to be discharged to the enviroment and uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture of equal size. We use renewable wood to heat our system and greenhouse.  e use a natural method of recycling organics, using beneficial bacterial cycles to break the waste into nutrients

Seeds are NON-GMO! We believe in supporting healthy eating. Genetically Modified Organisms manipulate natural farming. We go the extra mile to research and only use NON-GMO seeds, which should help you feel confident serving our produce to your family and friends.

Seeds are organic or heirloom - We grow only from the best organic and heirloom seeds: High Mowing Organic, Seeds of Change Organic, Gardens Alive Organic, and Lake Valley Organics.

Standards -Our growing medium is natural material; including clay pebbles and intricately spun water soluble rock(grow cubes). We only use food grade liners, tanks, and tools, to prevent any contamination from materials. We test our water every 6 months for any contaminates in the water for your safety. 

Local – When you purchase our product, you are an important part of strengthening sustainable farming in Indiana. Aquaponic produce, complimenting traditional farm produce, offers a constant flow of local food to the responsible and sensitive Indiana consumer. We firmly believe that buying local gives back to the consumer. Local products provide a bounty of extras like flavor, quality and health benefits that are lost with out-of-state transportation – “It’s Always Freshest from Garden to Table” John S. Woodbury, Farmer/Owner.


6601 West 500 South
Morgantown, IN 46160
(765) 318-1326


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